Briskeye is a Swedish company that equips both broadcasting companies and the police with its 360-degree camera. The camera – which completely eliminates blind spots – has already attracted media network, police forces and professionals in need of visual documentation.

At the heart of the action

The age of immersive video is here, and Briskeye puts you right at the heart of the action, as it unfolds. The Briskeye camera films its surroundings using three lenses, so each lens has a 120 degree view. The proprietary Briskeye firmware takes those three images and stitches them together in real-time, so you can watch 360-degree video live. There’s no camera of its kind anywhere in the world!

Capture and render video all in one: no import, export, 3rd party software – just all-round simplicity.

Briskeye Technology

The Briskeye camera is the first camera of its size to enable live streaming of 360 degree video. It has its own software which stitches together the images from its three lenses and renders them into a single spherical image in real-time.
 All other 360 degree camera require the use of the separate software to render the image into a video.

Briskeye creates video for web based video players, apps and all VR headsets.