Briskeye launches 360° camera for one­touch live streaming

New York, York — Swedish start­up Briskeye has launched a remarkable new camera which is set to disrupt the red hot world of immersive video in 2016, with one­touch live streaming. Founder Magnus Janson has brought his Briskeye camera to the United States, for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and a product launch in New York City. The camera includes three lenses spaced 120 degrees apart, for a stunning distortion­free spherical image. The rig uses its own proprietary software which collates the pictures from each lens and renders them together in real­time for live streaming of immersive video, launched with a single push of a button. It’s the first camera of its size in the world to offer one­touch live streaming of 360° video. Briskeye founder Magnus Janson said, “Briskeye has been 4 years in the making, and we’re delighted to be able to bring one­touch live streaming of immersive video the United States. Broadcasters and the police forces in Sweden are using the Briskeye, and we think there’s a whole world of opportunity in the U.S.”


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Briskeye – Real-time 360 video in action

• Capture 360° spherical video

• Real time video processing

• Playback on standard web browser in real time

The Dubai police put Briskeye camera to the test

”If we are lucky, they might place the camera on a Bugatti Veyron,” says CEO and founder of Briskeye

CEO and founder: ”Given the industry, we can not say much about the customers we have. A customer who, however, I can tell you about is the police in Dubai. The police authorities in the country have purchased a first test camera for use on one of their cars. The idea is that the camera is able to gather relevant video evidence, if any crime is committed within view of the vehicle.

This will be an important use case for us, our product can be used worldwide ”


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